Savor the space and time to work on yourself.

Savor the space and time to work on yourself.


Thanks for your interest! Coaching is an incredible opportunity to give yourself the time and space to work on…YOU! As your coach my job is to partner with you to understand your health goals, and more importantly, why they are important to you right now. Working with me you will experience a safe, non-judgemental space to be open and honest about your health, AND a healthy dose of challenges to your current ways of thinking and doing.


I think everyone could use a coach! But here are a few reasons why someone would consider working with a Certified Health Coach.

  • You feel overwhelmed, tired, or stressed.

  • You want to work through a transition with more ease.

  • You want to increase your energy.

  • You want to lose weight and feel better.

  • You want to eat and sleep better.

  • You want to better manage your stress.

  • You simply want to improve your overall health!


Great question! I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through the Mayo Clinic, and have over 150 hours of health coaching experience. Before I became a Health Coach, I spent 13 years in the corporate marketing world so I understand how our health is impacted by the stressors of life.

I take a slightly different approach to coaching. All of my engagements start with a deep dive into what wellness means to you. We go inward first and define how you FEEL when you are well. Then, throughout our following sessions, we talk through what you can DO to get your wellness back. Our health is the most important thing we have, and it goes beyond diet and exercise. It’s our entire being. When we take control of our health, we take control of our lives.

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You Can’t Pour from an empty cup.
— Anonymous