I’m Holly and I believe coaching can change lives and even the world.

For real.

We race from one thing to the next, and in between, our phones are there to distract us. For many, time for self-reflection feels non-existent, but the power of pausing and turning inward is infinite! Having a coach to partner with, guide and empower you is the secret weapon that will enable you to trust your gut, set intentions, and for personal growth.

I spent over a decade climbing the proverbial ladder in the corporate marketing world, when I realized it wasn’t what my heart desired. Sorting through various prepackaged wellness plans only made me feel overwhelmed and more stressed.

After much reflection, I decided to trust my gut, and that decision that has made ALL the difference in my life. I am now a Mayo Clinic Certified Health & Wellness Coach, helping others discover, trust and live out their personal visions of well-being.

I live in Minnesota with my husband, two awesome daughters, a dog, and a lot of laundry. My well-being rests on strong relationships with family and friends, nutritious food, the outdoors, and staying curious — along with some chocolate, cheese and champagne!

If you are looking to define and improve your well-being, drop me an email to learn more.

Until then,

Be You. Be Well.